API Overview and Swagger UI

The api-docs plugin provides an overview of all APIs deployed on Membrane, facilitating effortless navigation to the Swagger UI for each API. This page serves as a reference for using the api-docs plugin.


To utilize the plugin, simply include the <apiDocs /> tag at the desired endpoint.


   <api port="2000">
       <apiDocs />

    <api port="2001">
        <openapi location="https://developer.lufthansa.com/swagger/export/21516"/>

    <api port="2002">
        <openapi location="https://api.apis.guru/v2/specs/nowpayments.io/1.0.0/openapi.json"/>

    <api port="2003">
        <openapi location="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openai/openai-openapi/master/openapi.yaml"/>



After configuring the plugin, access it via the defined port, for example: http://localhost:2000/.


API Overview