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Getting Started

  1. Download the binary and unzip it.
  1. Run or service-proxy.bat in a terminal.
cd membrane-service-proxy-5.0.0
  1. Open http://localhost:2000 in a browser or with curl:
curl localhost:2000
{"apis":[{"name":"Shop API Showcase","description":"API for REST exploration, test and demonstration. Please fell free to manipulate the resources using the POST, PUT and DELETE methods. This API acts as a showcase for REST API design. Please report errors and suggestions for design improvements to","url":"/shop/"}]}


If you get an error message like Bad Gateway you might need to setup a proxy server. See ...

  1. Look at the configuration in conf/proxies.xml:
<api port="2000">
  <target url=""/>

All HTTP trafic is routed from localhost to Now you can start adding more features to the API or try the OpenAPI proxy.