Getting Started

Membrane runs with Java or as Docker Container.

Using Java

  1. Make sure Java 17 or newer is installed.
  2. Download the Membrane binary and unzip it.


  1. Run or service-proxy.bat in a terminal.

cd membrane-service-proxy-5.X.X

  1. Open http://localhost:2000 in a browser or use curl:

curl localhost:2000
            "apis": [
                "name": "Shop API Showcase",
                "description":"API for REST exploration, test and demonstration. Feel free to manipulate the resources using the POST, PUT and DELETE methods. This API acts as a showcase for REST API design.",

Warning: If you get an error message like Bad Gateway you might need to setup a proxy server.

  1. Look at the configuration in conf/proxies.xml:

<api port="2000">
  <target url=""/> 

All HTTP trafic is routed from localhost to

Using Docker

$ docker run -p 2000:2000 predic8/membrane

Browse to http://localhost:2000 or use curl:

curl http://localhost:2000 

This should yield the same response as calling does.

More about setting up Membrane for Docker.

Where to go from here

Try one of the tutorials to learn how to use Membrane's powerful features: