Docker Deployment

Start a Membrane Container

$ docker run -p 2000:2000 predic8/membrane

Navigate to http://localhost:2000 in the browser or use curl:

curl http://localhost:2000

This yields the same response as calling does.

Exposing Ports

Use -p <<External-Port>>:<<Internal-Port>> to make ports reachable from your computer. To allow access to port 2000 and 9000 use:

$ docker run -p 2000:2000 -p 9000:9000 predic8/membrane

Changing the Configuration

  1. Download a proxies.xml configuration from github or take it from the conf folder of a Membrane distribution.
  2. Modify the proxies.xml according to your needs.
  3. Start Membrane with a volume:


    docker run -v proxies.xml:/opt/membrane/conf/proxies.xml -p 2000:2000 predic8/membrane


    docker run -v "$(pwd)/proxies.xml:/opt/membrane/conf/proxies.xml" -p 2000:2000 predic8/membrane